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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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to highway 101 up in marin county. it's very well traveled area. well, a solution may be on the way for this trouble spot. according to the marin "independent journal," caltrans is looking at a solution but it would cost $8 million. they're talking about bringing the pavement up. some of it has sank through the years. replacing the drainage pipes with larger pipes and then also doing more pumping through here. one idea that's being kicked around is turning this into a toll road, so people can help pay for these improvements. be interested to know what you commuters think about that idea. they've got about 40,000 vehicles that travel this highway every day, so a lot of customers that they are serving, and a lot of customers who could help pay for this service. reporting live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. and check out also in marin, the wet weather bringing this tree down. it got caught on some power lines.
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right now, nicasio valley road is reopened. this has been a problem area in the last couple of storms for people who use nicasio valley road. crews managed to clean up this latest mess in time for the morning commute. president trump is tweeting once again about the violent protests in berkeley. this morning, he tweets out, professional an or kiarchists, and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to make america great again. yesterday, the president slammed uc berkeley for the protests. a man arrested in that melee is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. he faces charges for blocking officers who were trying to move that skirmish along. police arrested two other men, 28-year-old devonte gaskin of oakland and are assaulting two students from the group that invited milo yiannopoulos. that is just a name -- you know what? there's no reason to even repeat
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his name anymore. the speaker who was there. none of the three arrested is a student. i'm tracking breaking news in paris. an attack at one of the world's most famous museums. the louvre and we have live images coming in from the louvre. it is closed to the public right now. a man wielding a knife and shouti shouting was arrested there. he was attempting to enter a shopping mall under the museum and he started stabbing a soldier after they refused to let him in. the attacker was shot five times. the soldier suffered minor injuries to his arm. you see that huge police presence when that attack happened. the museum is popular with tourists. the number of visitors has fallen off in recent years after terror attacks in france and of course this latest attack will not help. reggie, back to you. this morning, president
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trump continues to turn up the heat on iran for test firing a ballistic missile. just whin the last hour, the president tweeted iran is playing with fire. white house officials tell abc news new sanctions against iran could come as early as today. here's abc news reporter elizabeth hurr. >> reporter: president trump ready to propose new sanctions against iran. the white house first put ian on notice earlier this week after iran tested another blsic missile. iranian officials fired back, saying they don't need permission to defend themselves. now president trump says taking military action is also an option. >> nothing is off the table. >> reporter: the president, defiant, saying the u.s. will straighten out the world, taking on countries like mexico, iran, and even one of america's closest friends, australia. >> i called the australian ambassador to reinforce to him
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our commitment to australia and our relationship. >> reporter: senator mccain trying to mend fences after "the washington post" reported president trump told the australian prime minister on the phone saturday that of the four calls he had that day with foreign leaders, this was the worst call by far. slamming an agreement australia made with president obama to resettle some 1200 refugees in the u.s. on twitter, calling it a dumb deal. >> i think the president should sleep more and tweet less. >> reporter: senator graham is among the 20 senators from both parties who signed a letter urging president trump to hold iran accountable and that white house announcement could come later today. abc news new york. 4:34 now. in solidarity event events are being held today. they're using #we are all american. and san jose, the ever greene islamic center on ruby avenue is hosting a rally at noon. the president's executive order bars all refugees worldwide for
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120 days and nationals from seven majority muslim countries for 90 days. organizers hope the rallies nationwide will show solidarity with muslim communities. happening today, mexican drug lord joek is slated to appear in person in new york. he was initially set to appear in video conference but the lawyers insisted his absence would give the impression he is too danls dangerous to appear in court. he is charged with a massive drug trafficking operation. u.s. prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty in order for him to be extradited here from mexico. a group of local newspapers is threatening to sue the city of oakland over the ghost ship fire investigation. it was the deadliest fire in the city's history. according to the bay area news group, oakland has refused to release police and fire departments that might explain
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how the unpermitted warehouse was allowed to house tenants and events. the bay area news group is giving oakland until next friday to turn over the records or they say they'll face a lawsuit. the organization is one of our media partners. new this morning in the east bay, concord police are looking for this woman. she's accused of threatening walgreens workers with a baseball bat after they tried to stop her from shoplifting. this happened at the walgreens on monument boulevard. investigators hope someone will recognize her and give them a call. talks are scheduled to begin between two companies. the golden gate ferry was scheduled to begin service last monday. commuters' hopes ended up getting dashed when the angel island tuburon ferry objected. the company alleges potential safety issues at the dock. golden gate ferry contends angel island ferry is just maneuvering for dredging improvements at the
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dock. new bike lanes along the embarcadero are in the work as traffic reaches critical levels. the stretch of road is now on the city's high injury network, according to our partners at hoodline. the network is a collection of streets that represent 6% of all city streets but account for 60% of severe and fatal pedestrian crashes. so now the city hopes the protected bike lanes will help fix this problem. the project is just in the design phase right now and there is no completion date. if you live and work in oakland, you'll hear emergency sirens today. the city is going to be holding a full system test of its upgraded emergency sirens. the first test is at noon. a slow wail will sound for 90 seconds and that will be followed about 15 minutes later by another 90-second slow wail. the city's work is scheduled to be o completed by the end of april. i want to start by showing you some of our bridges this morning, golden gate bridge and bay bridge, some of our most
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traveled and you can see they're all wet. in fact, we just had some pretty heavy rain roll over the golden gate bridge so there may be some ponding there. not as much in the bay bridge but i do have a heavier shower headed your way. climbing out of danville and san ramon over towards highway 4, antioch, oakwood, that's where we're finding moderate rain and the potential for puddling and around daly city. watch out on 280 and 35 and 1, some potential puddles there. this morning's rush hour is going to be the most challenging because the rain is heaviest. ponding and hydroplaning this evening, just isolated showers and a few breezy spots like last evening. if you're headed up to the sierra, winter storm warning until 4:00 tomorrow morning. above 7,000 feet, 1 to 2 feet of snow and you can see it builds up quickly today, 19 inches in
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donner to 16 in kirkwood, 11 in tahoe city on top of what fell during the overnight hours. back here at home, sun shaded, so cool again, 56 to about 62 degrees. minor cooling tomorrow. about 56 to about 60. and then for super bowl suntd, a milder breeze, about 58 to 61 degrees. this is the way it looks at san jose, 101 and 880, you're getting wet also. it is everywhere, and mike and i both drive across the bay bridge and it is a windy one once again today. both hands on the wheel. not too treacherous here at the moment but a high wind advisory has been issued by chp. definitely something to factor into your commute today. live doppler 7 on top of our traffic map, plenty of rain out there, so at some point during your commute, you are going to have to flip those wipers on. westbound 24, that's where we've got a two-car crash blocking the two left lanes. looks like that's thinning out.
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we'll take a look at drive times coming up. in a rare move, the senate moved forward with an overnight vote on the nomination of education secretary betsy devos. >> ultimate goal is to return back to full duty and go back to the streets. that san francisco police officer, kevin downs, was shot in the head four months ago, and look at him now. only on abc7, he's talking about his remarkable recovery. and as we head to break at 4:40, time to take a look outside and yep, the rain is coming down at the bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza. you ca
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keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. we are back and you can see the rain. yeah. it's coming downright there at the bay bridge toll plaza. alexis is all over your morning commute this morning and of course mike will update you on how long the rain will last in just a couple minutes. tesla ceo elon musk is explaining why he is moving ahead with the meeting with president trump today despite heavy criticism. musk reelycleased a statement s can share objections. he said being part of the panel doesn't mean he supports the
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president's actions and instead will allow him to offer up suggestions on changes. some tesla customers have reportedly already canceled their car orders over his involvement. disney ceo is citing a scheduling conflict. and more on this now, just yesterday uber ceo travis stepped down from that same council. he came under fire for his initial silence on the president's immigration plan and for uber drivers picking up passengers despite the fact that there was a taxi protest going on. more than 200,000 customers deleted their accounts. after that, uber established a $3 million legal fund to support its immigrant drivers. nordstrom has officially cut ties with ivanka trump's brand. the chain is citing declining sales as a reason but there have been recent calls to boycott all retailers that carry trump brands and products. trump's camp has not responded.
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the website dropped her products last week. this just in. the senate voted 52-48 in a rare friday morning vote to advance the nomination of betsy devos for education secretary. devos has been heavily criticized by democrats for lacking experience. still today's procedural vote went through. and today's hurdle is important because it now pushes a final confirmation vote to early next week. it is going to be a tight confirmation vote that we'll see next week, though. the republicans may need to call in the vice president mike pence, he could be that tie breaker in what's shaping up to be a 50/50 showdown. in southern california, new details involving two 16-year-olds arrested for planning a mass shooting at their high school in fullerton. authorities say the teens' computers revealed some disturbing clues. they found the boys had searched the web for weapons and other school shootings. police arrested the teens after
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a parent overheard them talking about an attack that would be "bigger than columbine." students say they feel sad and nervous about the whole ordeal. >> it's really scary stuff. and you don't want to ever hear about that. >> it's a little nerve wracking but they've got to go to school. >> the two teens are facing charges for making criminal threats and conspiracy to commit a felony. this is inspiring. we have the story of the amazing recovery of a san francisco police officer. he narrowly escaped death in the line of duty. >> in october, officer kevin downs was shot in the head, responding to a 911 call. now, officer downs is speaking with abc7 news reporter vic lee in an interview you'll only see here. >> reporter: on this warm, tranquil day, officer kevin downs and his wife cory enjoy a pleasant walk in their north bay neighborhood, something he could not do just months before. >> i'm doing well.
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i'm doing well. the mobility's back. >> reporter: today, not only is the 25-year-old officer almost fully recovered, downs is at peace with what happened last fall. the night of october 14, a 406 call went out over police scanners. the call every cop fears. 406, officer down. >> 406 makes your heart skip a beat. when you hear 406, officer down, you never know how bad it is. >> reporter: on this night, it was officer kevin downs' partner making the call when downs was shot in the head. what do you remember about that night? >> i remember everything. >> reporter: downs was one of several officers responding to a 911 call at lakeshore plaza, a man who appeared to be mentally disturbed was causing trouble at a store. he was later identified. >> it was so dark and it happened so quick, i didn't see him pull his arm up but as he ran by me, he fired three shots. >> reporter: one of them struck downs in the head. his immediate reaction?
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>> why did he do that? i was just going to tackle him. >> reporter: police cornered the man where he was shot and medical report mortally wounded. officer downs spent six days in intensive care. he was lucky to be alive. downs' doctor said the bullet narrowly missed a major artery in his brain by 1 centimeter, the diameter of a fingertip. >> he said if it hit there, you know, would have only had a couple minutes. >> reporter: but the head wound affected his motor skills. >> i had no movement in my right leg at all. the right arm is very clumsy. >> reporter: downs has a titanium plate over his skull. he's gone through a long rehab. >> there definitely was someone with greater power watching me that night. i'm glad it was me that was shot. i wouldn't vice presidenthave wy brother in that position. >> reporter: downs' recovery has been remarkable. he's back working with his nonprofit, ranching vets, which he and his wife started in
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college to help veterans cope with civilian life. downs even helped swear in police union president marty halloran who supported him through his recovery and best of all. >> ultimate goal is to return to full duty and go back to the streets. >> reporter: do you feel you're almost there? >> i feel i'm almost there. >> reporter: maybe this spring. >> i'm so glad vic followed up with him because i think a lot of uz were wondering what happened to officer downs. >> and the fact that he said he's glad it was him just shows his character. i'm so glad to see he's doing well. >> what an amazing story. okay, mike. top that. >> not a chance. that man's amazing. that's what you call a true hero right there. here's a look at the san mateo bridge and yes, even you are going to have a wet commute this morning. some of our heavier rain moving through, you can see right on the way down into broad moore, -
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hillside boulevard, fleetwood drive, ponding developing right now. it's coming out of the south and moving to the northeast. each individual cell adds the entire shield moves off to the east, pushed that way by a cold front. now, look what happens behind that cold front. we're going to get a little bit of a break as we head through the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a second. let's take a look at richmond and you can see the rain there and you can see in the grooves as you head toward the toll plaza, a little bit of some standing water, moderate to light showers and mild today. the weekend, bookend by wet weather, unsettled into next week. the storm, this one on our storm impact scale is a 1. brief morning downpours, breezy winds, even a slight chance of thunder so here you see as we head through saturday, scattered showers there into saturday afternoon even in sunday, we're looking at pretty quiet conditions. but about 8:00, when you're heading home from your super bowl party, or you're kicking
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everybody out of your house -- thank you for the laugh, i appreciate that. it's going to be coming down in buckets and that will linger offensive into monday morning and it's heavier rain into tuesday. >> i'm going to be lucky if i make it through halftime. that's my only goal. taking look at traffic maps, i have live doppler 7 on top. as you can see, it's going to be a soggy commute today and the crashes are already starting to roll in. san ramon, south on 680 before crow canyon, reports of a new crash blocking the two left lanes, sounds like five to six vehicles involved in this one and that is one of 23 incidents on the boards this morning. drive times still friday light, westbound 580, southbound 680 and northbound 85 through the south bay, you are in the green at 16 minutes. i have a problem in the lafayette area. we'll check on that next. how do you feel about this? advertisements in your uber or lyft rides. there is a major conflict happening right now that could impact the future of ride sharing. and there's a lot of buzz
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about a beer coming to the bay area today. it's not going to last long. we'll explain. right now, though, this morning's "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes," you'll soon be able to buy snap chot stock. >> it's going public but despite an expected $25 billion valuation, the app revealed it has never made a profit. >> it also says it has 160 million daily users who open the app on average 18 times a day. facebook now has a new tool to make searching your photos a lot easier. >> the new software allows users to find images without relying on dates, locations, or tag lines. instead, it can recognize specific descriptions and action shots like, out walking or wearing a red coat. and researchers have developed a smart watch app that analyzes nonverbal parts of conversations. >> developers say it tells you the mood of a person you're talking to. a commercial version is still a way off and it won't tell you whether you're boring your date quite yet. quite yet. that's when they
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) a start-up is suing chicago to allow uber and lyft drivers to show ads in their cars. currently, only taxis are allowed to do that. according to consumerist, they claim the city unconstitutionally favors taxis and is limited free speech. they provide interactive video ads for nearly 8,000 drivers in minneapolis, l.a., san francisco, it typically generates income every month for
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drooirz. another rare treat. although this one, you do have a shot at getting. today in santa rosa, pliny the younger is going to make its 14th annual debut and look at that line. every february, beer lovers get this that line for blocks just to get a taste of the limited release triple ipa. it's only available on draft at the brew pub for two weeks and it's quite limited, meaning that each visitor is allowed three glasses of pliny the younger and they only get three hours to drink them. and hopefully have a friend driving them home. >> yeah, please. why didn't we get any? >> at 4:56 in the morning, you are ready to go. >> i'll take it. my throat's on fire this morning. i'd love to have that. here's a look at what's going on. that moderate rain is now reaching across the bay and heading over towards oakland and alameda. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see it coming down in buckets. out and about, you'll need an umbrella today. slick driving conditions,
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especially this morning for your commute and if you're on the water, it's going to be wet and breezy. my biggest issue with this storm is standing water and hydroplaning. in fact, alexis just told me you're starting to encounter a lot of that. yeah, chp has about four locations right now where callers are saying we have a lot of standing water in several locations so certainly this morning, you want to slow down, take it easy and be aware, you've got to slow down here this morning. westbound 24 before acalanes, two left lanes blocked. and then north of there, pleasant hill into walnut creek, southbound 680 before treat boulevard, another collision is blocking the center lane and here's a look at walnut creek on our traffic cameras. no big backup from that one but you can see it is soggy. we also have a multi-car collision in the san ramon area. new at 5:00, the search for a man who threw a homemade explosive device into a california cheesecake factory. the mystery surrounding the couple found dead in their berkeley apartment is taking a
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good morning, at 5:00 a.m. and we made it to friday, february 3. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui with jessica castro, meteorologist mike nicco, and traffic reporter alexis all resplendent in red this morning, doing it for women's heart health. so something to think about today.


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